One of the province's largest 50/50 raffles begins today in support of the Kidney Foundation - Saskatchewan Branch.

The non-profit organization will run its first-ever Cash 4 the Holidays 50/50 through June 16, and make the draw on June 17.

Joyce Van Deurzen, Executive Director for the Kidney Foundation - Saskatchewan Branch, believes the week-long lottery offers Saskatchewanians a great chance to support people in the province affected by kidney disease.

"We're really hoping people will get behind this and be excited about their own chance to win but also be excited about really helping the people of Saskatchewan that are going to benefit from this lottery," she said.

The jackpot could swell up to $1 million, with the money then being split down the middle. No matter the amount raised, the Kidney Foundation - Saskatchewan Branch will use their slice of the pie to help support individuals using the short-term financial assistance program.

"Helping people having to travel long distances to go on dialysis," she said. "And the price of gas has been skyrocketing and that places a tremendous burden on people."

Tickets for the draw can only be purchased online here