The pedals were spinning and the tires were rolling this weekend at the annual Bike Safety Course at Riverdene Park.

At the event, children can come down to the park and learn about proper bike etiquette and safety when out and about in Swift Current.

Krista Caswell, the community recreation coordinator with Community Services for the City of Swift Current, was one of the event organizers this year. She was excited to be back in the middle of the hustle and bustle again after the event was off for two years.'

"We're super excited to bring it back to our community," exclaimed Caswell. "We are able to put this on thanks to the funding of Kiwanis Club of Swift Current."

Kiwanis Club was able to provide some funding for this year's event, helping to supply the helmets and other prizes for the kids in attendance.

The return of the Bike Safety Course brings back the opportunity for kids to be instructed by the fire department, EMS, RCMP and other volunteers on hand signals for navigating traffic, proper bike maintenance, and how to make sure your helmet hits and is adjusted appropriately.

Kids were able to roll their bikes onto the practice course in the outdoor rink, where EMS workers and members of the Swift Current Fire Department helped to instruct them on how to stop, signal a turn, and indicate when they would be changing lanes.

Helping kids on the track was Cody Yolland, a firefighter from the Swift Current Fire Department.

"For me, I think the biggest safety part for a kid on a bike is not tucking yourself into tight areas behind cars in between cars," explained Yolland. "Making sure you're in safe spots on the sidewalk and when you're crossing the streets, making sure that all vehicles have stopped and it's a go-ahead for you to cross the street."

Yolland himself was excited to be out working with the community at this event.

"I think when we can hang out with the kids, it just brings out the youth and all of us," commented Yolland. " We're having a good day with it."

Yolland went on to explain that it's also important for kids to understand how to properly care for a bike, by keeping the chain well oiled and making sure the breaks are functioning before going for a ride.

"[Making sure that] your bike-helmet straps and all that are working on it properly," reminded Yolland. "And just making sure that you are comfortable on a bike as well. Those are the most important steps I would recommend."

Kids were able to practice together on the safety course, and parents were encouraged to pay attention to what was being taught to help them better understand the safety concerns and practices their children would be using throughout the summer.

If you weren't able to attend the event this year, there is always next year, as Caswell iterated.

"We will always be posting our Bike Safety Events on our Facebook page," reminded Caswell. "So always follow our Swift Current Facebook page for the exciting programs that we put on throughout the year."