Coda Gordon at the CHL Top Prospects Game

The Coach and Mark Lamb of the Swift Current Broncos is pleased to see Central Scouting has recognized two of their young forwards.

Mark Lamb believes both Coda Gordon and Graham Black earned their rankings with strong rookie seasons.

"Gordon's been on the list for a long time," Lamb said. "He played very consistent through the whole year. (Black) just kind of came out of no where. I thought he finished very strong also. They finished on the list, they've been rated, now we're just hoping they get drafted."

Gordon is ranked 61rst among North American skaters and scored 30 goals with 23 assists as a 17-year-old rookie. Black is ranked 83rd and scored 50 points.

Lamb notes there is still some talk from scouts about Shea Howorko. He was ranked before the season, but missed the second half with a concussion.

The NHL draft isn't until late June in Pittsburgh.

Interview with Mark Lamb: