Severe thunderstorm activity is expected to wallop southwestern Saskatchewan over the next 24 hours.

Environment and Climate Change Canada is projecting the storm system to hit the region throughout the day and last into tomorrow.

The low-pressure system will be coming from Montana.

"It looks like a fairly vigorous system," Terri Lang, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, said. "A high risk of severe weather and that's all forms of severe weather so people should be prepared for that, that means flooding rains, large hail, strong winds and even a possibility of tornadoes." 

Tornado season typically slows down at the end of July but Lang noted that's heavily dependent on crop growth and dry conditions.  

The rainfall could produce 30-50 millimetres in Swift Current. 

Once the system moves past the region tomorrow, a reprieve from the warm temperatures will commence until Friday.

"We will see a little bit of cooling off and at least it looks like it will be drier," she said.