A man from Leader caught not complying with the mask mandate has cost himself a decent chunk of money.

Ryan Marcotte was given the $2,800 ticket for refusing to wear a mask in public when the mandates were still in effect.  

The incident in question occurred at a hardware store when he was spotted interacting with a customer without a facial covering, after allegedly being warned prior by health officers. 

According to Crown Prosecutor, Greg Lee, the trial date for Marcotte was initially scheduled for last Thursday.  

“We actually came to a plea deal,” Lee said. “He agreed to plead guilty for a lesser fine of $1,000.”  

This isn’t the first COVID-19 noncompliance with mask mandates case Lee has had to deal with.

Two of which ended in the accused being found guilty in court, and one where the accused didn’t show up to court so was found guilty by default.   

All three perpetrators were charged with a full fine of $2,800.