Yesterday, the Swift Current SPCA received a donation from what may have been their youngest contributors.

Three 11-year-old girls donated $423.15, which they put towards the adoption fees of one of the shelter's oldest dogs, and three of their senior cats.

Addison Gabriel, Macy Munt, and Mazie Haichert all worked hard at their lemonade stand back in front of Addison's house to raise money for Reign, the dog they sought to sponsor for adoption.

Lemonade was available for purchase, along with iced tea, for $1 a glass. Drivers stopped by to grab the refreshments, and to help contribute to their cause. One driver paid $60 for his glass in support of the girls' efforts.

This is Gabriels' second year raising money for the SPCA. When asked why she started doing it, she kept her answer to the point.

"I thought it was a good idea to help animals," said Gabriel.

Her two friends, Munt and Haichert, were happy to have joined her this year.

"We love animals," began Munt.

"She wanted us to help because it would be hard to be one person and do that all by herself," finished Haichert.

The girls gathered on Monday after school to take the money down to the SPCA.

Sara Filion, the operations manager for the Swift Current SPCA, was unaware the girls would be donating, and was blown away by their generosity.

"It's incredible," remarked Filion. "We love seeing the kids really focusing on the animals and how kind they are. It's awesome."

The kids ended up donating the money to four separate animals.

First up was the original intended recipient, a dog named Reign, who has been in the shelter for over 100 days, and is eight and a half years old. She is very cuddly, prefers to be the center of affection, and is very puppy-like.

Then the girls had a chance to use the remainder of their money to sponsor three senior cats.

Gabriel choose to sponsor a cat named Charlie, a 12-year-old male who has been at the SPCA for over a year. Munt elected to sponsor Tansi, an 11-year-old female, while Haichert was able to sponsor Kya, a female kitty who was the youngest of the selection of senior cats, coming in at seven-years-old.

While they do plan to do this every year, they want to raise money again sooner than that.

"Yeah, I'm also going to do another one this summer too," commented Gabriel.

When asked when exactly this summer, the girls left it open for discussion amongst themselves, with some general ideas for timing.

"Any day that there's like a rodeo or something, then there's more people," voiced Munt.

"With a lot of cars, because more people and more money for the animals," agreed Haichert.

The girls' lemonade stand was open for five hours, just in front of Gabriel's home located by the Kinetic Park. This summer, if you pass by the area, keep an eye open for their high-quality refreshments on offer.