A very special aircraft will be landing at the Swift Current airport tomorrow evening and plans are in place for its arrival. 

Todd Schultz, Airport Superintendent says with potential snow in the forecast they have had the snowplows working and have ensured all runway lights and navigation systems are functioning for the annual visit from the man in red. 

Schultz says they are ready for his furry friends as well.

"Santa's sleigh is quite primitive, it has minimal navigation equipment and no radio so we cannot communicate with him easily. It is of course reindeer powered and does not work with regular aviation fuel, however, we made sure to stock up on carrots this summer at Market Square."

Santa is due to arrive at some point tomorrow evening and Schultz says it can be hard to navigate his arrival. 

"Swift Current Airport has no radar coverage. Besides, he's usually here in a twinkle of an eye and then gone. He's a very busy guy that night. With his instruments, he does find his way here and of course, there's Rudolph out front lighting the way for him."

Once again, this year Transport Canada has issued a regulatory exemption to Santa for the purpose of accommodating some unique aircraft operations.