Things are about to change over at Fairview Arenas. 

That would be because they will no longer be known as Fairview Arenas, with S3 Group having recently purchased the naming rights for the structures.

It was announced officially at Swift Current city council on Monday, that they had entered into an agreement with the manufacturing company after S3 Group has approached the City back in June about the matter.

Presenting to council on this topic was Acting General Manager of Community Service, Melissa Shaw.

"Community Services investigated sponsorship and naming rate comparisons throughout southwest Saskatchewan to determine a market price for the partnership," said Shaw.

Based on the information they garnered from their research, and the offer made by S3 Group, the City of Swift Current and S3 Group has entered into a five-year naming agreement.

"S3 Group will have the option to renew for another term for a further five years on the same terms and conditions, provided that such notice is served on or before July 1st, 2026," added Shaw.

The agreement will come into effect in the fall, of 2022. S3 Group will have their name and branding on the arena, in place of the former Fairview displays.

The City of Swift Currentnad S3 Group have both declined to reveal how much money has been paid in the agreement. No council members asked about the amount at the time of the reveal.

Speaking to why this information remains undisclosed, Nicole Spenst, events and programs manager for the City of Swift Current.

"We have a great partnership with S3," began Spenst. "Until the contract is signed, that is when we can look at disclosing [the amount paid]."

Jessica Calkins, Marketing Manager for S3 Group, furthered that stance.

"For now we are just focusing on the rebranding," said Calkins. "October 1 everything should be done, and I should be able to release a lot more information then."

These kinds of deals not only spread the brand name of companies sponsoring the facilities but help with upkeep and maintenance costs with the money they provide.