Swift Current city council took a break from official business for a bit of story time last night. 

Tekeyle Friday was present at city council, where she read a small excerpt from her new children's book "Prince Prickly Spine".

The book focuses on a young boy, the so-called 'Prickly Prince', who refuses to do his royal duties. In response, his mother takes away all his devices and sends him on a quest to rescue a princess. 

Friday began her small reading before council by quoting Albert Einstein as saying "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want your children to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales".

"I believe that Albert meant that fairy tales not only entertain a child's imagination but helps develop the brain to think outside the box for creative solutions to problems," said Friday. "This is why I love writing fairy tales and fantasy pieces for children."

She read to city council small amounts from chapters two and six. These offered glimpses into the story, without giving away too much of the interest and intrigue to the would-be readers attending the meeting. 

"...truth be told, I usually found an excuse to skip those sorts of things. One of my favourite excuses was I needed to go to the bathroom. I would sit in the royal washroom using my pizza palm until those horrible activities were over. Now I wished I wouldn't have spent so much time skipping my exercises...", read Friday. 

The story, from what was gleaned during council, focused on the importance of doing more than playing games on devices. It encourages children through adventure to lay down the iPad, phone, and other devices, and go adventuring outside. To play, exercise, and enjoy the capabilities of their youthful years. 

Folks can purchase "Prince Prickly Spine" at Pharmasave and the Swift Current Museum. Folks out in Maple Creek can find it at the Cowtown Kids and Candy toy store. The book can also be ordered online on Friday's website. 


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