Once again this year the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 56 will be running their Veteran of the Week program. 

John Griffin, Public Relations Officer from the branch provides further details on the program. 

"It runs from August 1st to November 11th so that's 15 weeks and we feature 15 veterans. Each veteran gets a write-up and a short video."

The write-ups will be posted on the branch's website and the videos will be posted on their YoutTube account. 

Griffin provides details on those that can apply. 

"It can be a veteran from any time of service. So whether that be before the first world war, first world war, second world war, or Korea, all the way up to still serving today. All we ask for submissions is any information you have and any photos if possible."

This will be the second year this program has run and Griffin adds that last year it went very well and the reaction from the community and veterans featured was positive. 

In terms of the importance of the program, Griffin says that it's the personal stories that make remembrance come alive. He adds that you can read about things in a textbook or learn about them in school, however it is when you hear personal stories, especially from the veterans themselves that the point is driven home and makes it more real. 

Anyone interested in applying for the program or submitting a veteran can contact Griffin at 306-741-0876 or by email at rclbranch56sc@gmail.com