Over $2.2 million in combined provincial and federal government funding has been recently granted to the Village of Hodgeville through the Green Infrastructure Stream as a part of ICIP funding.

The village will use the funding to drill two new groundwater wells into an aquifer and build a new reverse osmosis treatment system that will require an expansion of the water treatment plant.

Nicole Davie, administrator for the Village of Hodgeville, is thrilled for the community to have been approved for such a significant amount. 

"It's nice to have some sort of coverage because it's an expensive project," she said.

The provincial government is providing $1,219,200 while $1,015,898 is coming from the federal government and Hodgeville will pay a portion of $812,902. 

The village plans to supply their portion of the funding by saving up and possibly taking out a debenture. 

"It'll give us a new water source, hopefully, a better water source that we don't have to treat too much," Davie added. "Our water isn't great, so we do need the upgrades for sure."

The budget is thanks to a more than $327.8 million investment between both governments to improve infrastructure in 44 Saskatchewan communities.

Construction on the project is set to begin later this year and final details are still being worked out.