After more than 25 years of operating in the community, Sports Trader Plus is officially closing down.  

Ivan Dugan, owner of the business, said the decision came from needing more quality time with his family.  

“I’ve got two young boys and as they grow up, I'm missing too much,” he explained. “It's just time for a change.” 

While no date is set, Dugan said that as soon as inventory has depleted, he’s locking the doors and heading home.  

Dugan said his favourite part of being a business owner in Swift Current was getting to meet folks from all over the southwest.  

“From your Val Maries to your Elroses to your Herberts to your Maple Creeks,” he said. “I've just met so many people that are not only customers but friends, so that part's just been fabulous.” 

His plans for after the closing include taking a break with his family, and then starting a search for something new to occupy some of his time. 

Sports Trader Plus was opened in the 70s by Dugan’s father-in-law and moved to Swift Current in the 90s.