Folks may have noticed a few squares of pavement missing around Swift Currents roads. 

These 50-millimetre-deep patches are a solution between filling in potholes and redoing the road outright. 

Mitch Minken, the general manager of infrastructure and operations for the City of Swift Current, thinks they are a good solution for the softer, more pitted roadways which can't be completely rebuilt at this time. 

"Those are areas where we've got a fair bit of damage," said Minken. "They are too large to do just a regular pothole patch." 

These holes should be all filled back in fairly soon, with crews working away at them over the last week. 

"From the looks of the list we're probably about halfway done that mill and patch process," estimated Minken. "We've got quite a few more to go."

Some of the ones they have already completed are on Central Avenue, just under the Highway One overpass, on North Service Road by the casino, and again close to the Coast Hotel.  

Folks driving around should certainly slow down for these open patches, but should also know they are safe to drive through. 

If anyone knows about a major pothole, they can report it to the City by calling 306-778-2748.