Small communities often get left out of the conversation in big politics, but the southwest has many such communities.

That's why it's crucial that local representatives maintain open channels of communication with these communities, for them to be heard clearly.

Doug Steele, MLA for Cypress Hills, has made it a regular effort to tour communities in the southwest of Saskatchewan, building those channels, and making sure those local voices are heard.

"I try to do that on my own," said Steele. "But I'm hoping to be able to take colleagues."

Steele's most recent tour to communities involved a special guest, Premier of Saskatchewan, Scott Moe.

Together they visited a plethora of communities throughout the tour and were able to discuss some concerns that have been plaguing locals' minds as of late.

Things like education, health care, and generating more economic efforts were constant themes wherever they went, as those or the building blocks for smaller communities.

Healthcare has been a big concern, especially in recent years, for many communities with aging populations. Having the medical support to continue living in a community is a major concern for anyone who needs regular checkups, medicine, and specialty care.

"If I can tag team with the Rural and Remote Health Minister (MLA Everett Hindley) just down the road," said Steele. "[We could] put our schedule together and meet with our communities and talk about things."

Cooperation is a big factor in addressing these issues once brought to light, and working together with other officials in Saskatchewan can help to build a larger voice for these issues.

"We got some homework to do," added Steele. "We're going to have more dialogue with people as we move forward."