An incident that took place in Herbert yesterday afternoon resulted in Fire and EMS services being called to tend to minor injuries. 

Around 3:15 yesterday, Morse RCMP received a call about an incident involving a lone vehicle. 

According to RCMP, a group of teenagers left school property in a private vehicle and proceeded to drive on grid roads in an area called Trail Hill, which consists of a series of hills. 

The group proceeded up a hill at a high rate of speed and came down hard on the other side of the hill. 

RCMP believes that a few of the occupants of the vehicle were not wearing seatbelts, resulting in minor injuries. 

The group returned to the school during hours, when Fire and EMS services were called to tend to the injuries. 

Some of the occupants were placed in a neck brace and received medical attention. 

No drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident. 

There are no charges at this time. 

The matter is still under investigation by the RCMP.