The Town of Shaunavon has issued a public notice that the Mosquito Fogging Program will take place on Tuesdays or Wednesdays this summer, weather permitting.

Fogging is done from a truck in the streets and back alleys during  the overnight/early morning hours using DeltaGard 20EW which is  recommended for use by the World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme.

It is classified as a low-risk pesticide with lower application rates and so poses less risk to humans and the environment.

Exact fogging locations cannot be specified as they depend on the wind.

You can minimize your exposure to a fogging program by staying indoors whenever possible during and immediately after spraying, close all windows and doors and turn off air conditioning units and close vents to circulate indoor air before spraying begins, bring laundry, toys and pets indoors before spraying occurs, wash homegrown fruits and vegetables with water before cooking or eating, and rinse play equipment with water after spraying is finished.