Anyone who frequents the Chinook Parkway, specifically the portion that dips underneath the Chaplin Street bridge, might have noticed a large-scale piece of art in progress. 

The City of Swift Current recently approved the mural project proposed by the Art Gallery of Swift Current, currently being installed on the east facing wall.

Saskatoon artist Josh Jacobson designed Echoes of the Untamed: Prairie Impressions with southwest wildlife and plant life in mind, particularly the bank it sits nearby. 

"It feels like it blends in, but also it's pretty bright, vibrant," he said. "I've got a walleye in here ... and it's interesting because I was down here [painting], and someone was fishing and they caught a walleye just right here."

walleye fish - mural

Jacobson began the project on Monday and while the weather hasn't been the dryest this week, his canvas is mostly protected where it sits, and the elements haven't had a negative effect. 

Passersby have often stopped to chat with him about the project, seeing the piece come to life in real time.

"Lots of positive comments and lots of excitement," he said about the community's reaction. "It's nice to see public art being embraced in communities. I think this will be a nice addition, hopefully make a bit of a landmark for people."

concept piece - painter in background

Swift Current secured a pair of grants from the Saskatchewan Recreation and Parks Association to help aid in the mural's cost. They were approved for $5,000 from its Parks for All Grant and $2,000 from the SK Arts Microgrant program. 

The expected cost for the work is $11,700, with the remaining $4,700 being covered by the Art Gallery of Swift Current's operating budget.