People walking by may have noticed that the new Kiwanis Bike Park is nearly finished.

It was actually supposed to open this past Friday, and it is completely functional. It's just missing some final touch-ups in the landscaping.

But that didn't stop attendees from Kiwanis Club from turning out in force to celebrate not only the new park but also the installation of their time capsule.

Allan Smith is the incoming president of the Kiwanis Club, and he was excited about the park and the time capsule that was originally his idea.

"I think it's quite meaningful, particularly when we get the plaque mounted on it as well," commented Smith in regards to the capsule.

Some important people at the parkSwift Current Mayor Al Bridal standing with Kiwanis Club Officials at the ceremony.

Smith had the idea for the capsule and presented it to the Kiwanis Club committee. They invited him to take lead on the project, which he did eagerly.

The bike park was a project the city had already been considering for some time and was able to be completed after the Kiwanis Club contributed $50,000 to the efforts.

"Swift Current is pretty unique in the forethought that it has," said Smith. "The bike park is an indication of that. I think it's a good place to live."

The bike park is in the shape of a bicycle and is painted with lines to help direct young bikers as they learn the rules of the road. The park will eventually also feature benches to sit down at, and some flower beds and greenery to compliment the area.

The Time Capsule columnThe time capsule, the column, and the plaque.

The time capsule is housed on the same site in a small brick column. Inside is the cylinder filled with mementos of the Kiwanis Clubs' first 100 years in Swift Current.

Inside they have filled it with records from the club's first formative years, documentation of spending done on local projects, as well as some items pertaining to the times we live in. 

"It was done by several of the members over a period of years," added Smith. "There's a lot of good background there for people."

They have also included some photos of local school children, who may happen to be around when the case is opened in 2072, 50 years from the day it was installed.

"I think when they see all of the events that we were involved in," said Smith. "It'll be pretty surprising that a club could continue and produce as much effort as they did to make Swift Current a much better place." 

Anyone looking to find the bike park and the time capsule can head down the Chinook Parkway trail, finding the park along it in Riverdene Park, just off 13 Ave.