Travellers along the Trans-Canada Highway and in downtown Swift Current may have seen a strange vehicle making its way through town.

That vehicle would have been David Ligouy's solar-powered electric bicycle. This one-of-a-kind ride has been with him as he has traversed the globe since 2012, visiting over 27 countries worldwide.

"It's basically an E-bike," summarized Ligouy. "It was the first bike in the world to run with solar and wind energy in 2012."

Ligouy is a member of NGO La Mouvement de la Paix and is currently using his green mode of transport to navigate Canada, heading all the way from British Columbia to Quebec. Once in the eastern province, he will make his way to Montreal, where he will attended the December 2022 World Politicians and Expert Speakers Biodiversity Summit Conference.

"Our biggest worry is biodiversity," established Ligouy. "Second is climate change and third is nuclear weapons."

Ligouy by his bikeDavid Ligouy with his organizations flag, featuring the dove of peace. (photo by Hayden Michaels)

Indeed, Ligouys big three goals are to help biodiversity through farming and eco-friendly practices, educate young people on climate change as well as equipping them for the harsh realities they will face in the future, and communicating the dangers of nuclear weapons to world leaders. His entire organization is devoted to these causes, going as far back as World War II, where they trace their origins too as a branch of the French Resistance.

"Maybe Canada is going to lead the way for biodiversity," ventured Digouy. "We have many tipping points, social, economical, but also environmental, so it can go really bad. We have also another one called democratic, that's most important for me."

Digouy has visited countries throughout the Middle East and Europe on his cycling tour, stopping to talk to young people and like-minded individuals along the way to spread his message for creating a brighter future for generations to come.

His ride to Canada began in Argentina, where he began a tour through South America, making his way up through various countries until he eventually crossed into North America in Mexico. From there he made his way into the United States of America, travelling up the West coast, eventually crossing into B.C. He has since made his way through the Rocky Mountains into the prairies, travelling through cities like Calgary, Medicine Hat, and even Swift Current.

"It's very different because today I had a tailwind and the roll is really good and very safe," commented Ligouy on making his way through the prairies. "So I think I can make 200 [kilometres] a day. My average speed would be 25 kilometres per hour."

The trip is certainly not the fastest, but the statement it makes is certainly loud. Ligouy’s unique three-wheeled bicycle houses a solar panel on the roof, that charges the small electric motor that propels him down the road. Combined with his pedal power, he can traverse most terrain with relative ease. The solar panel on the bike can be faced at different angles, allowing him to adjust to get the maximum amount of sunshine for his charge.

Ligouy himself is an impressive scholar, having written three books. He holds a Masters of Science Degree specialized in 'Renewable Energy and Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries'. At 52-years-old, the French activist has spent the last four years of his life traversing the world on this solar cycle tour, spreading the word for his cause.