A unique vision wellness practice in Swift Current was named this year's SCBEX Medium Business of the Year.  

Along with an exceptional staff, three optometrists run the show including Dr. Becky Lawn, Dr. Tricia Holliday, and Dr. Heath Holliday. 

Heath was present at the Swift Current and District Chamber of Commerce Awards Gala at the end of October.  

"It was just a really nice honor to be nominated by patients and then at the committee that selected us to win the award,” he said. “Our peers, our community, our patients and people we live and work with. It was really nice to be honored for our efforts and the work that we're doing.” 

The company originated in the late 90s when three eye care professionals, Dr. David Holmes, Dr. Craig Menzies and Dr. Larry Selvig, joined their solo practices to create the clinic Swift Current knows and loves today. 

Vision Care’s values include patient relationships, improving quality of life and vision wellness; a foundation built on the work of the clinic’s original optometrists. 

“Everyone, I think, in Swift Current that owns a business is doing the best they can and just working really hard,” Heath said. “So, I'm not sure that we're doing anything different or unique from anyone, but we just try our best.” 

He also highlighted the clinic's exceptional staff, saying that they have great attitudes and love what they do which helps make it a great place to be.