A new name isn't the only change for the southside's S3 Arenas; a new scoreboard is set to mount by the end of the week. 

The replacement is thanks to capital funding and the arena’s five-year budget from the city council, with the current board being well past its golden days. 

Jeff Giesbrecht, facilities foreman for the City of Swift Current, explained why a change was due. 

“The score clock that’s currently there is part of the old Innovation Plex score clock,” Giesbrecht said. “It’s just obsolete, and we haven’t been able to get parts for it for about 20 years now.”  

He added that the cost for the OES scoreboard was just over $12,000 and features a few upgrades while still being cheaper than most. 

Folks that come out for games can expect white LED lights, white team names displayed in lieu of ‘home’ and ‘away.’ 

“It’s the same as all the other ones the city has so the parts are interchangeable," Giesbrecht explained. 

Life expectancy for the equipment is around 25 years; the second board in the west arena was replaced roughly seven years ago. 

While it may look a little brighter and shinier, it comes with the same horn sound that fans know and love.