Last night, plenty of folks across North America watched as the northern lights danced across the heavens.

These stunning displays were the result of an aurora storm that stretched across Canada and into the United States, with reports of the lights being visible from southern states like Alabama. 

Up here in Saskatchewan, Kyla Vilness, from Moose Jaw, was able to venture out into the night to take some stunning photos with her phone. 

"I was just amazed," said Vilness. "They were literally just dancing in front of me, changing colours, with purples and greens. I watched it in just amazement. It was awesome."

Vilness heard about the possibility of the lights on Facebook and quickly set aside the time to capture this phenomenon that she had never seen firsthand before.

"I opened up my Facebook today, and I saw that someone had posted from Regina and saw a couple of other ones, and then I saw someone post in Moose Jaw," said Vilness. "So I was like, 'What? No way!' So I went outside, and there they were outside my front door. It was awesome. It was absolutely beautiful."

Tonight, there will be another chance to see the northern lights after 9 p.m. in Southern Saskatchewan, if just barely. 

If you take any photos, please feel free to submit them to news@swiftcurrentonline with your contact information.