After a security breach that affected most of western Canada's Federated Co-ops, Pioneer Co-op is getting some of its affected card locks back in service.

While the investigation into the security breach continues, Pioneer Co-op will be switching its card lock locations to manual mode. This means that people will need to get an attendant to switch the pump on and pay at the till to fuel up.

While this solution is temporary, it is expected to get the majority of affected rural locations back in operation, keeping residents fueled up for their day-to-day needs.

Earlier today, Pioneer Co-op announced on its Facebook and Instagram pages that Abbey, Cabri, Eastend, Frontier, Hazlet, Herbert, Hodgeville, Kyle, Morse, Ponteix, Sceptre, and Tompkins had already made the switch to manual mode.

Pioneer Co-op is working on a solution for the affected cardlocks in Bracken, Consul, and Stewart Valley.

The Cardlock pumps in Swift Current, Gull Lake, Maple Creek, and Shaunavon have been excluded from this change, but the regular pumps will be operating as normal in these communities. 

Check the Pioneer Co-op Facebook and Instagram pages for up-to-the-minute updates on services.