Residents in Saskatchewan planning destination vacations through Sunwing Airlines via Regina airport have been required to re-evaluate their plans after the most recent round of cancellations from the airline. 

Sunwing is offering solutions for travellers that have been affected, including the ability to transfer their packages for same-day departures through Winnipeg, Saskatoon, or other Canadian airports, at originally booked pricing or they can cancel for a full refund. 

They also have the choice to cancel their vacations for a full refund. 

We asked readers in a non-scientific poll to let us know whether Sunwing Airlines' recent cancellations have affected their travel plans. 

Many residents stated that in the future, they would not rebook with Sunwing, while others mentioned that departing from a different airport increased the cost of the trip significantly. 


Have Sunwing Airlines cancellations affected your travel plans? 

Of the 56 responses we received on our first question: 

Yes represented 33 votes (41.1%) 

No represented 23 votes (58.9%) 

pie chart


Were you able to rebook your trip? 

Of 44 responses to our second question: 

Yes represented 17 votes (38.6%) 

No represented 27 votes (61.4%) 

pie chart

Did you choose to refund your trip? 

Of the 42 responses we received on our third question: 

Yes represented 20 votes (47.6%) 

No represented 22 votes (52.4%) 

pie chart

The fourth question of the survey allowed people to tell us other ways that the cancellations affected their travel plans. We had 18 responses. 

Some residents stated that in the future they would not book flights through Sunwing Airlines again. 

Many residents said that while they were able to reschedule and proceed with their trip, other factors made an impact on the outcome. 

Some individuals were required to reschedule multiple times, cutting their vacation short by multiple days. 

Others explained that they had to take extra days off work and factor in extra hotel stays, fuel and general expenses. 

Another resident explained that while they were able to get refunded for the money spent, they are yet to hear about getting their Airmiles back.