It appears that the clock may be ticking on the popular video-sharing app, after Canada recently issued a ban on the use of TikTok on government-issued mobile devices. 

The move comes after concerns regarding the privacy and cybersecurity of the app continue to grow. 

In early March, Treasury Board President Mona Fortier announced in a statement that the ban would take effect immediately, as the app presents a concerning risk. 

“Following a review of TikTok, the Chief Information Officer of Canada determined that it presents an unacceptable level of risk to privacy and security,” she stated. 

We asked our readers in a non-scientific poll to let us know their opinion on the Canadian government banning TikTok and the risks that the app may present.  

The vast majority of voters said they think it is a good idea for the Canadian government to ban the app, while others stated learning about the security risks made them second guess using the app themselves. 

Do you think it's smart for the Canadian government to ban TikTok on government-issued devices?

Out of 158 responses to our first question:

'Yes' represented 156 votes (84.3%)

'No' represented 19 votes (10.3%)

'I'm not sure' represented 10 votes (5.4%)

pie chart

Were you previously aware of the security risks associated with TikTok?

Of 182 responses to the second question:

'Yes, I was aware' represented 109 votes (59.9%)

'No, I didn't know' represented 43 votes (23.6%)

'I knew a little' represented 30 votes (16.5%)

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Do you think the app will become banned nationwide?

Out of 185 responses to our third question:

'Yes, I can see it happening' represented 71 votes (38.4%)

'No, I don't see that happening' represented 59 votes (31.9%)

'Hard to say' represented 55 votes (29.7%)

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Would you be upset if the app was banned across Canada?

Of 186 responses to the fourth question:

'Very, I use it all the time' represented 22 votes (11.8%)

'Somewhat, I use it occasionally' represented 18 votes (9.7%)

'I wouldn't care' represented 58 votes (31.2%)

'I think it should be banned' represented 88 votes (47.3%)

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Does learning about the security risks make you second guess using the app?

Out of 182 responses to our final question:

'No, there are risks everywhere' represented 43 votes (23.6%)

'Absolutely, it's very concerning' represented 107 votes (58.8%)

'A little' represented 32 votes (17.6%)

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