Beginning today, poppies will begin to sprout up around Swift Current.

The Legion Branch 56 in Swift Current is getting ready to run the Poppy Campaign for 2023. The small red flowers harken all the way back to Flanders Field, and the poem written by John McCrae.

The Legion across Canada provides modern, faux poppies for many workplaces and organizations. In return, all they ask is for people to contribute what they can via donation. 

Setting up the Poppy Campaign in Swift Current is Bonnie Moon, a co-poppy chair for the Legion Branch 56.

"The poppy program will begin on the 27th of October," announced Moon. "Poppy trees will be available throughout the community, and people can find their poppies there to wear them proudly."

Moon has been serving in her role with the Poppy Campaign for four years now. To her, it serves an important purpose of keeping the memory of veterans alive and visible, honouring their efforts and sacrifices. 

"It also gives people a chance to donate money to the poppy program," said Moon. "We do good work, offering to help veterans in our community who may need assistance with medical devices and support, and possibly some food and housing."

Moon highlighted that not every veteran is an older individual. Some are quite young, being involved in efforts like Afghanistan. 

"They're young veterans out there who have been injured and have psychological needs as well," said Moon. "They come back and they suffer from PTSD. There's all kinds of ways that we can support them through the poppy program."

Folks who would like to make an especially big impact may consider donating time to help run one of the poppy tree stations with the Legion. They will be located all over the community, with volunteers asked to collect donations and bring them back to the Legion at the end of the day.

"It's a great program, and it's a great way that I can give back," said Moon. "Even though I can't serve in the military, I can say thank you and support them this way." 


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