Local children and families enjoyed the numerous educational shows by the Prairie Fairies with elaborate costumes during Frontier Days in Swift Current.

On Saturday afternoon, the Prairie Fairies hosted their final 'Bubble Magic' show in the Palliser Pavillion around 3 p.m. 

Elisa Wilke, owner and operator of the Adventure Wranglers and the Prairie Fairies, holds shows geared towards children ages one to seven.

"It's a show about never giving up," said Wilke. "A bubble may pop, instead of giving up, try again and never take a failure as the failure that it could be.

"We also like to teach kids how to protect our environment and leave a small footprint behind."

The 'Bubble Magic' show featured fairy costumes complete with wings, fun props, and an immersive, interactive learning experience.

She noted that the group is from the Town of Colonsay and has appeared in Swift Current before, but this is their first time performing at Frontier Days.

"We absolutely enjoyed it this weekend, it has been a blast," Wilke added. "Keep listening, learning, and protect our environment because we only have one Earth."