The government of Saskatchewan recently announced that for the second year in a row, monthly benefits for seniors in the province will be increasing. 

The maximum monthly payment, provided through the Seniors Income Plan (SIP), will increase by 30 dollars a month. 

Social Services Minister, Gene Makowsky, said that the increase will allow for a substantial number of seniors in the province to better afford the cost of living. 

“With this recent increase, we're up to $330 per senior and $590.00 per senior couple,” he elaborated. “This helps 14,500 or so seniors in our province be able to make life a little bit more affordable.” 

Makowsky added that the increase in payment has been in the works for quite some time. 

“Our government has made a commitment since 2008, but most recently a three-year commitment,” he stated. “Last year was 30 dollars and this year is 30 dollars, the year after this fiscal year is going to be another 30 dollars.  

“This follows up on that commitment that we've made and again to make life more affordable for those low-income seniors who've built our province. We want them to have a good quality of life and security and that kind of thing, so that's why we've made this commitment, and we're following through on it. 

Seniors may be eligible if they have little or no income other than Old Age Security or Guaranteed Income Supplement and are a permanent resident of Saskatchewan. 

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