The Lyceum Theatre in Gull  Lake has announced plans to begin renovations on their facility in the near future.

The building was constructed 45 years ago and is in need of some upgrades as Manager Cole Girodat explains, "We were just thinking of improving some things that we've kind of outgrown. One of them is the concession. We're going to use some old storage space that we haven't really been using, and turn it into a new bigger concession. And we're also going to be expanding the size of our bathrooms."

Other upgrades will include wheelchair seating and automated doors.

No time line is in place for the renos yet as they are still finalizing plans, and then looking at getting funding through government grants and sponsorships.

Girodat says that when the renovations do begin they hope to be closed for only a week or so.

As a non-profit theatre, they will be doing fundraising activities in the coming months that will see the money raised go directly towards the renos.

A Burger fundraiser for the Lyceum will be held at Last Chance in Gull Lake on August 10 and they are also holding a raffle.