If you are capable of reassembling, fixing, or repairing, there are some folks who are interested in talking to you.

The Swift Current Repair Cafe is an event that looks to help keep tools, toys, heirlooms and artifacts in good shape, all for free. The people who participate will help out those who bring them items, using their specific skill sets to replace, repair and reuse most of what comes through the door.

When it comes to gathering up these skilled individuals, Courtney Stewart is the one in charge. She's one of the co-organizers for the Repair Cafe and is always eager to meet those looking to join up with their band of helpful handymen and women. 

"We're looking for a few volunteers to join our crew for the next cafe on April 1," said Stweart. "The areas that we're particularly short in are our computers, woodworking, ceramics and bicycles."

Anyone who is able to help in those areas can reach out via email at screpaircafe@gmail.com. They can also call 306-774-9071. It's best to call before the day of the event, so they can help applicants get settled in advance. 

These folks all share a common thought of preservation and restoration. If it can be fixed, they endeavour to bandage it up and keep it out of the trash.

"The whole point is 'waste diversion'," affirmed Stewart. "We just want to save these items from the landfill as well as encourage more sustainable thinking. We don't want people to be throwing things away, and we see the value in repairing items." 

They are also accepting folks who can help with electronics, small appliances, phones, jewelry, sewing, knitting, toys, books and musical instruments. 

The Repair Cafe will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on April 1, 2023, at the Palliser Pavilion.