Tomorrow, Restorative Justice Week begins in Swift Current. 

Proclaimed at Swift Current city council on Monday, the week seeks to highlight the work being done to mediate and remedy the harm done in criminal acts. 

Presenting the matter before city council was Pamela Hamlin, restorative justice coordinator for the Salvation Army. 

"Participants have the opportunity to become active players in developing an acceptable resolution to difficult situations," said Hamlin. "Restorative justice programs such as ours provide a path for victims and defenders to achieve healing, reconciliation and an understanding."

This work sees individuals work with specialists to find commonalities with offenders. Together, the parties, which involve representatives and often times RCMP, seek to achieve understanding and resolution.

Hamlin shared a story with city council, in which a difficult case involving an individual who didn't think remediation was possible was able to achieve just that. 

"It was a difficult meeting where both the mediator and the officer had to speak to the offender about controlling his angry outburst," said Hamlin. "Through a calmer and kinder discussion of the situation involving their pets and a controlled positive input from the victim support person, possible terms for an agreement were put on the table."

The offender was given boundaries and a warning. They did calm down during the meeting and listened to possible solutions. This offender ended up offering apologies. 

The victim asked for a charitable donation to be made to a charity of her choice and agreed to keep her own pet tethered. 

Restorative Justice Week will begin tomorrow, and last until November 25. 


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