Eastend recently welcomed a new resident to the famed house of Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, Wallace Stegner, who will be staying there for the month of July.

Jaden Bleier, who grew up in Pennsylvania, has come all the way from Rhode Island to stay at the Stegner House. 

Bleier, a writer and multi-medium artist, is thrilled to have been approved to stay at the historic house after sending in her application to the Eastend Arts Council nearly a year ago.

"It's a really great opportunity and a great privilege to be here," she said. "It's pretty inspirational for my own aspirations, it's really nice to have the time and space to focus on my work."

The up-and-coming writer is currently working on the fourth draft of her very first novel, tentatively called Harbour, and hopes to begin looking for literary agents in the near future.

"The project I'm working on right now is a fiction piece, sort of literary fiction but also romance and a little bit of mystery," Bleier shared. "I previously published some poems, although this is my first venture into fiction in a serious way." 

In addition to a passion for writing, she also has an eye for art, using different types of materials and methods including photo, print, text and textile-based mediums.

Her stunning artwork features vintage and abstract styles, detailed patterns, and themes of nature.

Bleier noted that she's looking forward to exploring the Town's unique attractions and little shops as well as attending the Big Flat Folk Fest coming up this weekend.

"I'm really grateful to the people at the Eastend Arts Council, especially Laurie Laird because she took the time to pick me up from Medicine Hat and bring me to the Town of Eastend," she added. "Everyone here has been really welcoming and I really appreciate all the work they've done."

Anyone hoping to meet Bleier can stop by the Eastend Friday Night Market coming up on July 19 at 7:00 p.m. where she'll be sharing some of her work, or visit her website at jadenbleier.com.