It's no secret that purchasing a lottery ticket can lead to rewards, but this unique lottery helps fund a children's hospital and community youth foundation in Saskatchewan. 

Jon Halvorson is the marketing and fundraising associate for the Saskatchewan Roughrider’s Foundation, the charitable branch of its football club.  

"Our foundation has a great partnership with the Jim Pattison’s Children’s Hospital through our lottery, the Roughrider’s Children’s Hospital Foundation Lottery,” Halvorson said.  

Last year’s ticket sales racked up a total of just under $700,000 which was equally split between the organizations.  

The fundraiser is a ticket-purchase lottery, which can be bought at one for $100, three for $195, 10 for $395, and 20 tickets for $495, and a special ‘touchdown package,’ which enters you for a large array of prizes and cash.  

“Both our foundations are incredibly excited to give back provincially,” Halvorson said.  

Proceeds will help the Saskatoon-based health facility to continue focusing on the care of children, moms-to-be, and their families from every corner of the province. 

The Rider’s Foundation is focused on youth education, health, and amateur football; all of which benefit greatly from the money raised as well.  

Ticket buyers also have a chance to benefit from an array of prizes, and can purchase on the Rider Children’s Lottery website.  

According to Halvorson, the last call to purchase and enter is November 17th, 2022. 

“We strive to ensure that our community programs and the ones that we support are benefiting kids from around our province, and ultimately that they can grow up and reach their full potential,” he concluded.