A new recycling facility is in the works for Gull Lake.

SARCAN Recycling made the announcement in April they'll be opening a brand-new depot in the spring of 2024.

The new site will be more than double the size of their current operation going from just under 1,200 square feet to 2,500. A move that is necessary according to SARCAN Recycling Director of Operations Kevin Acton.

"The building that we currently have, the one that we're currently leasing is too small for the volume of containers that we're taking and so we need to expand into a new facility," he said.

The depot in Gull Lake recycled over 1 million containers last year coming from a customer base of over 3,500 people. These numbers led to over $115,000 being refunded to customers.

"With the new facility we will have the room to be able to accept more containers and be able to help out more people," Acton said. "With that, there will be employment opportunities created as well."

SARCAN has finalized a deal with a provincial company to develop the new property and then lease it to them. 

"[It will have] a bigger customer area, drop-and-go service, more chutes to count containers, and then in the back we'll have lifting equipment to be able to get right in the trailer," he explained. "There are a lot of efficiencies and improvements in the new location so we're pretty excited about that." 

Construction on the company's third Gull Lake facility since 1989 is projected to start this summer and be completed later this fall or early in the winter.

The target date to open the new depot is by March 31, 2024.

GULL_LAKE_SARCAN.rvt_2023-Feb-13_06-22-44PM-000_3D_View_1_pngRendering of SARCAN's new building in Gull Lake (image courtesy of SARCAN)