A pair of southwest grain elevators will be the venue for a folk roots americana singer-songwriter this week. 

Jeffery Straker is inviting communities to experience his new album Great Big Sky under its namesake and paying homage to the prairie way of life by performing at grain elevators around the province.

"Whenever musicians have a new record, they tend to have a release celebration, or a launch party, and they'll do a concert in a venue or a theater ... I decided to do something really different with this record," he said. "Given its prairie themes, and particularly given that I have one song about the elevator, I'm doing a series of seven concerts across the Saskatchewan at or in old grain elevators. It's a pretty unique idea that's caught some people's attention."

The ten-record album is piano-forward, Straker's favourite instrument growing up, backed with tones from the mandolin, fiddle and steel guitar. 

Both of his parents passed away within the last year, and he described the losses as 'seeping into the songs,' as he was working on this album.

"It's not sad per say, it just asks questions, certainly doesn't give answers, but some of the songs ask questions about time," he said.

Prominent throughout the ten tracks, is a consistent rendering of prairie living. Take Me to the Touchwoods is an ode to where Straker grew up in Punnichy, Sask., More Than Two by Fours and Timber tells the story of a fictional grain elevator's demolition, and Some Say it's Just a Sky is a reflection of the wonder he feels about Saskatchewan's overhead landscape.

"I'm a big believer ... that people who grew up and live in Saskatchewan and the prairies, we are more than we realize, influenced by the sky," he said. "This great big canvas over our heads that is ever changing ... full of possibility that we don't really know what it's going to bring. I believe in my gut that that influences us infinitely."

Straker will perform in Riverhurst tomorrow evening and Gravelbourg on Saturday. To find out more, or get tickets, head to his website here