A Saskatchewan filmmaker has turned his love of the craft and his talent for drone footage into a way to showcase the unique beauty of a prairie harvest.

Joshua Zorn, whose videography company, Prairie Weather Media, spends much of its time chasing storms around the province. What began as a one-time thing; partnering with Double Bar D Farms near Grenfell Saskatchewan to capture the harvest, has now entered its third year.

Swift Current online sat down with Zorn to talk about what goes into his videos and where the appreciation for the harvest comes from.

Zorn says that for this year's video he was interested in moving beyond simply drone footage and capturing shots on the ground; especially the day-to-night transition and capturing what harvest looks like into the evening.

He added that while he has family that farms, he himself approaches the subject matter more from a cinematic perspective; saying that there are a number of other youtube channels, some maintained by actual farmers, that do a great job of capturing the day-to-day life on a farm in Saskatchewan.

He says that he doesn't want to take away from those channels and instead approaches his subject matter as a way of showing not only the scope of the scenery but also the magnitude of both the machinery used on a prairie farm and the operation in general; something that many people around the world are not able to witness.

You can watch the full video in 4K below.