Tomorrow, folks in Central Butte and area will be able to voice their opinions and concerns on SaskPower's upcoming Nuclear project.

Between 5 and 8 p.m, the Legion hall in Central Butte will have its doors open for folks to come and talk to SaskPower personnel about their prospective Small Modular Reactor (SMR).

Joel Cherry, A SaskPower spokesperson, invites everyone to come out and learn more about the prospective reactor, and all the strengths that come with its implementation.

"[It's] one of the two areas that we've selected for potential a location," Cherry shared. "So [this] evening, we're going to have one of these events, and we'd like to get as many people out as possible."

SaskPower is looking at building in the area near Elbow, by Lake Diefenbaker. Communities like Central Butte, which is in the area, will be offered a chance to voice their questions and concerns at events similar to this one. The process for building this reactor is a long one, with construction expected to go into the 2030s, offering plenty of time for people who live near by to make their way to these events as concerns arise.

"In the southeast, in the Estevan area, is the other area we are looking at," said Cherry.

They need to build the reactor close to the water in order to have access to the vast amount of water required to cool off the facility. The modern design they will be using forgoes the vast size of the nuclear reactors of old, being more akin to the Chinook Powerstation by Swift Current in size. Gone are the days of massive cooling towers like the ones seen in popular media, like Homer Simpson's workplace in fictional Springfield.

If anyone has any questions about how this will impact the local economy, the local cost of power, or the impact of an SMR on the local ecosystem, they are encouraged to head out to the meeting in Central Butte to have those questions answered by the available experts.