This year's Community Impact Award from the Swift Current & District Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards (SCBEX) goes to an individual who has been involved in a multitude of roles.

The Community Impact Award, formerly the Citizen of the Year Award, is presented to an individual who has a large presence within the community of Swift Current.

Shaun Hanna, the winner of this year's Community Impact Award, is no exception.

"I'm really humbled and really grateful for the recognition," Hanna said shortly after receiving his award. "But I mean, it's an award for community impact, and I get to work with just the most amazing people doing amazing things in this community."

He was in attendance not just for his nomination, but as a representative of a few different organizations in town. For Dorie's House, which was nominated for Not-For-Profit of the Year, he was attending as their president. For Nightjar Diner Co, nominated for Medium Business of the Year, Hanna is both the owner and a chef.

"Really, really honoured to have the community recognize so many really, in my opinion, worthy operations," said Hanna of the many groups he was the face of for the night.

Hanna was up against both Poppy Parsons and Devon Oman for the award. Before he had won, Hanna had spoken to how Oman had been in the running over five times now for this award.

"Since we started that award with the Chamber about six or seven years ago, he's been nominated and a finalist every single year," revealed Hanna. "So you want to talk about community impact? That's a guy to talk to."

Not one to boast that he did it alone, Hanna was quick to thank the people who help him with all the work he does in the community.

"The impact that I'm able to have is by and large what other people are able to help me with," acknowledged Hanna.