Premier Scott Moe spoke out with a video statement earlier this week about the importance of taking a step back from technology, for the Take a Break Saskatchewan initiative.  

In a video on the province’s Twitter account, Moe said that while the world is quite literally at our fingertips thanks to technology, the digital realm is also full of misinformation and people who are more comfortable saying harmful things behind the protection of a keyboard.   

“We’re able to access information, we’re able to connect and collaborate with colleagues, and share important memories with family and friends—all at the touch of a button,” he said. “As we navigate the positive, and the negative impacts that technology can have on our lives, we need to remember that it is equally important to put down your phone from time to time. To log off. To take a break.”  

The province has details on their website about how screen time impacts sleep, mental health, self-esteem, along with advice on how to navigate these challenges. 

“I would encourage everyone to find what works best for you to power down and to take your break."