Motorists across the province with registered vehicles as of March 9 should buckle up for an SGI rebate.

The Crown corporation announced last week they've begun mailing out around 603,000 cheques costing them around $89.45 million.

Don Morgan, the minister responsible for SGI, said the idea for the $100 rebates stems from inflation costs on gas and food.

"We saw that Alberta took the gas tax off, that's a problematic thing to do because at some point you have to put it back on or deal with it in the longer term," he said. "We felt this was money that people had put in for their license plates and it was their money, we felt it was appropriate to return it to them." 

According to Morgan, the money comes from a modest surplus SGI had in its automobile accident fund that's dependent on the market.

The rebates will be for vehicles or motorcycles but won't include trailers or snowmobiles.

Cheques are being mailed in random order between May 19 and May 30, with everyone expected to obtain their small payday by June 21.