SGI took time to slow down and focus on school zones in September. 

The insurer reports a total of 260 incidents where individuals got caught speeding in school zones during the month of September. These individuals were awarded $170 tickets for their efforts, bringing the total amount taken in through these fines to $44,200 generated by their inattention to the law. 

Addressing these stressing numbers on behalf of SGI is Media Spokesperson, Michaela Solomon.

"[Drivers are] required to follow the fact that [school zones] are year-round in most communities," said Solomon. 

While those numbers are concerning at any amount, there is some solace in that they are reduced compared to other areas. 

Saskatchewan drivers racked up 723 tickets for distracted driving. Inside that, 602 were for driving while operating a cell phone. 

The biggest score on the board was 4,827 tickets for speeding or aggressive driving. Some of those were the ones reported in school zones.

SGI is encouraging drivers to slow down and take it easy now that schools are up and running and the snow is here.  

"There might be kids crossing in the area getting on and off buses, excited to go meet their friends on the playground, excited to see their parents or whoever's picking them up at the end of the day," said Solomon. "Bringing that speed down so that you're prepared to respond to any obstruction that may occur on the roadway, whether that's a little kid running out in front of you because they're not paying attention, or maybe you're slowing down now to adapt to some more winter driving conditions."

September also saw 426 tickets dispatched for seatbelt and car seat offences. It's just as important to strap into the seat as it is to strap down cargo on the highway. 

Finally, the last stats from SGI in September were 384 impaired driving offences. Those involved 172 criminal charges, and 212 administrative suspensions. 


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