The Town of Shaunavon had an eventful year, from bustling Boomtown Days to some new holiday traditions—keeping the community connected.

Mayor Kyle Bennett said one of the big projects they're currently working on, is their five-year Strategic Plan. 

"That gives the community a chance to have their input on the future of Shaunavon," he said. "The Community Survey was released this past fall to give an opportunity to voice their needs and concerns. Then we followed up with some focus groups and tried to get as many people involved as we could."

The survey's results are set to be revealed to the council early in the new year, followed by finalizing the plan, which helps them plan for budgeting, projects, and more. 

"I think we stuck to our budget quite well [this year]," Bennett added. "We did increase the budget on paving this last year to $543,900, and you know it was a pretty aggressive paving project for the town, so we felt we need to continue with our infrastructure spending and make sure we're fixing the streets and water and sewer lines."

Their 50/50 sidewalk program also had an investment from the town of just under $100,000.

The streets of Shaunavon were also busy with many different community events. 

"There was a lot going on this Boomtown Days with the lawnmower races, and the fundraiser for Doctor Noble Irwin," he said. "Lots of activity downtown. It was great to see."

Some other highlights include three local volunteer firefighters making it to the FireFit Championship Competition. Clayton Greenlay, Corey Gulaga and Riley Malone all qualified in the competition to attend the National and World Competitions.

A Shaunavon broadcaster also wrapped up her career in September after 43 years. Penny Schriener could be heard daily on the airwaves, reporting on major events happening all over the southwest. 

Two organizations with big impacts on the southwest celebrated 10 years of partnership by throwing a community barbecue in Shaunavon back in October.  Crescent Point Energy was the driving force behind bringing the Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service (STARS) to Saskatchewan.

Looking forward to the new year, Bennett said he's most excited to see the results of the Strategic Plan, which the town bases a lot of their decisions on. 

"I would just like to say we appreciate all the volunteers in our community and our staff," he said. "Without our staff and our great volunteers, we wouldn't be able to keep moving forward to where we are. It takes a lot of people, and we are all the town of Shaunavon, so it takes all of us working together."