The coals on the barbecue burned hot yesterday as Burger Fest took place at the Buffalo Brew Pub. 

The event was hosted by the Swift Current Rotary Club in collaboration with the Buffalo Brew Pub to raise funds for the Swift Current Comprehensive High School Jazz Band. 

Bula Ghosh, President of the Rotary Club, said that the event exceeded their expectations. 

“We have sold over 110 tickets and the people enjoyed the burger and the fellowship was also very good,” she said. “The room was, in the Buffalo Brew pub, seating arrangements were all taken except for a couple of tables for their regular customers.” 

The Jazz band kick started the night with a performance at the lyric theatre before guests were welcomed at the Brew Pub. 

Money raised from the ticket sales will go towards funding a retreat for the students playing in the band, added Ghosh. 

“This retreat had not been taking place due to COVID restrictions, and we're expecting it to start again this fall, and Rotary is a takes a big role in supporting it,” she explained.