With the warmer weather working its way through the wintery roads and walkways, the City of Swift Current has been adapting its snow removal strategy. 

With temperatures tantalizingly close to tipping into springtime tallies, the snow around town has trickled away in tiny streams. 

For Mitch Minken, general manager of infrastructure and operations for the City of Swift Current, the multitudes of melted snow are much appreciated.

"It will help with the ice situation for sure," said Minken. "More of that ice will break up and melt off as we go. We'll be watching drainage here now and of course lots where we haven't had the opportunity to go and clean the streets up so we'll be continuing with our residential clean-up program as we go forward."

The melting is reducing the total tonnage of snow being moved by workers. Saving fuel and machine hours has helped them recover from the brutal start of the season. Though this situation has its own unique challenges.

As the days thaw and the nights cool back off again, streets become slick with ice. In order to combat the extreme stretches of slick surfaces on Swift Current's road network, crews have been forced to use more sand than usual. 

"We've been using some of the same product that the Department of Highways uses on the highways to try and deal with some of the ice," said Minken. "We're probably at close to double what we would normally use at this particular time for sand."

For now, Minken and his teams will take the temperatures as they come, embracing the good times while they last. While the forecast is still looking positive for now, it could swing back down into the bitter cold just as fast as it picked up.