Southwest athlete, Dylan Wall left his mark at the 2023 Provincial Waterski Championships held at the Saskatoon Waterski Club on August 18th.  

Wall secured second in the Under 12 (U12) category, earning himself a coveted silver medal for his impressive slalom performance. 

The athlete, from Lac Pelletier, reflected on the highs and near misses of his journey to the podium during his provincial run. 

“It was my first run up; I was going 26.7 miles an hour, and then I went through the first buoy feeling really good,” he explained. “Then I made the first buoy, made the number two buoy, then three, then four. Then I was going up to five, and my edge felt really weird, and I skimmed across the lake and almost fell. I didn't quite make that sixth buoy, so I was marked down for five buoys.” 

three boys on a podium

Wall added that while he was disappointed that he missed the final buoy, it was an overall great experience. 

“I was definitely nervous and excited at the same time,” he stated. “Some other kids there were a little bit more experienced, but then I came out with second. I was a little mad about that I could have got that six buoy, but I was in the end it was okay.” 

During the rating run, Wall completed the full course at 26 miles an hour, before bumping up his speed to 28 miles an hour, where he secured three buoys. 

This score potentially propelled the young athlete to Westerns, which will take place next summer. 

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