An alliance of southwestern small-town economic organizations has won an award. 

The villages of Cabri, Hazlet, and Abbey, have been awarded the Marketing Innovation Award in the population under 5,000 category. This award was presented to Cheyenne Bradford, Jenn Biensch, and Lindsay Alliban. All three are Economic Development Officers, Bradford for Cabri, Biensch for Abbey, and Alliban for Hazlet. 

The award comes from the Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance. 

Together, the three have been working as the Three Points Economic Partnership. Alliban explained that by sticking together, these three communities have a lot more power to attract business to their region. 

"It's nice to be recognized for our progress in working as a region as this project was a part of three municipalities working together," said Alliban. "We have been working as a region for quite a few years and just showing our progress and the success you can have if you put your minds together as a collective."

Three Points has a website, where they share statistics and metrics to help their clients keep track of life in the area surrounding each of their villages. It includes information on housing, jobs, employers, and various visuals. 

"It's a really interactive website," noted Alliban. "That's what I think stood out from our work. Collecting all that information and presenting it in a new and innovative way online."


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