The Lyceum Theatre in Gull Lake is preparing to undergo a facelift.

The central ticket and concession area are set to be updated, making use of some additional space that's become available for use.

Helping plot the script for these changes is Cole Girodat, manager at the Lyceum Theatre in Gull Lake.

"The changes would be that since the concession is moving over, there'll be a lot more space in the lobby," said Girodat. "That will free up a lot more space for busy movies."

The idea began back in 2019, when they began working on a plan to incorporate the unused space in the building. Formerly, the space housed a library but has been in disuse for 20 years.

"Now that the library has been out for a number of years, we want to reclaim that space for the theatre," said Girodat. "It's just going to utilize the space a lot better than it used to."

The updated zone will feature more standing room, offering people in long lines the chance to wait indoors, rather than lining the streets. More room to line up inside may sound minor until you consider winter temperatures during major screenings for hits like Top Gun Maverick, and Avatar the Way of Water. 

They also plan to update some of their facilities, like the washrooms.

"They were originally built in 1978, so they're just really small and cramped and not really built for accessibility," Girodat detailed. "Our bathrooms are going to be much larger and accessible. Our front doors are going to be more accessible. We're going to have a wheelchair-accessible back row too, so we're really thinking a lot about accessibility as well."

All the funding for this project will be coming from generous members of the community here in the southwest. The Lyceum Theatre is a non-profit theatre, so they have been working with not just people and businesses in Gull Lake, but across the southwest of Saskatchewan to make this happen. 

"We are going to be sending out letters to businesses in the coming weeks, requesting funding," revealed Girodat. "We just had an event this last weekend at Winterfest, where we raised about $8000."

Businesses or individuals who contribute at different tiers will be honoured on their new plaque wall, commemorating the effort. 

Their big fundraiser is still coming up. May will be when the Lyceum hosts a theatre event where all the proceeds will go back to the theatre itself. The details for that event are still being decided, but interested parties are more than welcome to inquire.

Anyone interested in helping out monetarily or by donating needed materials or labour can do so by contacting the Lyceum Theatre by calling 306-672-4240 or by emailing them at

"It just feels really good that people do embrace the changes with open arms," noted Girodat. "It could be looked at way differently, but people are excited when we announce that we're looking to improve our theatre. People love coming here. They love that we're nonprofit and that we can keep our prices down. We're really grateful for the support that we have received and continue to receive for projects like this."