A brand-new song, which highlights the perspective shift of the home one had as a child versus the reality of the home after adulthood, is scheduled to hit the airwaves this Friday. 

The track, titled “In My Town,” was written and recorded by southwest artist, Dillon Currie. 

The lead singer and formative member of the Saskatoon rock group, ‘League of Wolves’, explained that after the pandemic hit, he took the opportunity to redirect his passion back into his solo music career. 

“I had a chance to really focus on my own solo song songwriting again when the pandemic hit,” he elaborated. “Instead of making bread or trying to do those kinds of hobbies, my goal was to do my homework and re-educate myself on songwriting, and how I like to songwrite. 

“So, I've had a big focus on that, since March 2020, is just how do I write songs on my own? I kind of feel like that was sort of the beginning of this era of my writing.” 

The 31-year-old has been writing songs since the age of 15 and is looking forward to the next chapter in his career after tasting success with ‘League of Wolves.’ 

The Saskatchewan rock group began playing shows in 2012 and have since gone on to tour the country on numerous occasions. The band was previously represented by major label, Inside Pocket Music/Warner Music Canada, and had the opportunity to record at Noble Street Studios in Toronto, ON.

Currie further elaborated that the shift is both exhilarating and intimidating. 

“I think it's kind of been a long time coming,” he stated. “It's nerve-wracking, but it's also very exciting. “It's one of those things I've always wanted to do, but you can only put your energy into so many things. 

“When things really shut down and we weren't able to really work as a band anymore, I had no excuse not to start pursuing this, because I had some time to finally do it. I felt like I've always wanted to write these songs and do something that was more my own, so it's mostly exciting.” 

Currie joined forces once again with 'League of Wolves' bandmate and producer at Skullcreek Studios, Aspen Beveridge, to bring the single and following LP to life. 

The southwest artist, who originally called Maple Creek his hometown, has written an entire album since the spring of 2020 and believes that the release of the initial single ‘In My Town’ will be a phenomenal starting place for this phase in his career. 

“This was just kind of the first one we wanted to share,” he stated. “It's kind of in terms of the theme of what the full album I'm working on will be. It's a really good starting point, that kind of takes you back to your hometown and sort of in a nostalgic way.” 

Currie contributed the composition, lyrics, lead vocals, acoustic guitars, and keys, for the debut track, while Rebecca Beveridge provided the violins, and Aspen Beveridge played drums, backing vocals, electric guitars, and percussion. 

The singer/songwriter added that this project was made possible due to funding from Creative Saskatchewan and FACTOR Canada. 

‘In My Town’ will be available this Friday on all major platforms.