A Provincial Traffic Safety Grant was handed out to the Town of Shaunavon this week to improve an area of high concern.

Bylaw officer Bonnie Lingenfelter has been part of school zone safety assessments in the past at local schools and found that one of the most common offences was speeding. 

"Our first CAA School Zone Safety (Assessment) is where it all kind of fell into place," she said. "Between CAA and SGI, it's been really positive."

The Town has previously received an SGI grant to install one radar sign at each school zone, and this additional $12,082 will allow them to add one more to all three areas.

With the installation of the signs comes one year of free data -- this means the Town can access reports of local speeds in summaries of hourly, daily and monthly.

"Safety is top priority for our residents and children," she added. "We're still doing our positive ticketing program and then we had a bike rodeo in May. So hopefully everything comes together and everywhere you look, you can see that we really are safety orientated."