Southwest Youth Emergency Shelter (Southwest YES) was just named Not-for-Profit of the Year at the 25th annual Spirit of Swift Current Business Excellence Awards. 

Southwest YES/ Dorie’s House offers a six-bed in-patient treatment program for youth ages 12-18 who struggle with substance misuse. The approach of the facility provides youth opportunities to evaluate how their substance misuse impacts their own lives and the lives of those around them. 

Rebecca Donnelly, the executive director of Southwest YES accepted the award; but not all the credit. 

“I just give it back to the community,” expressed Donnelly. “I am grateful we've had this recognition just so we continue doing what we do. We're all about the youth and empowering them, so this is for them as well.” 

Southwest YES provides programs that range from access to mental health and addiction treatment to social services programming. The organization also hopes to make more simple differences, such as connecting youth to employment opportunities or a reconnection to education. 

“It was a long journey that started even before I was a part of this, and it took a lot of hard work and a lot of perseverance,” stated Donelly. “I think what everyone kept in mind was the important cause, which was supporting and empowering youth. This just gives us a little bit of recognition and we have got so much further to go, but it feels good to be here.” 

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